7-year-old Texas boy Troy Khoeler was discovered dead in a washing machine hours after going missing.

7-year-old Texas boy Troy Khoeler was discovered dead in a washing machine hours after going missing.

7-year-old Texas boy Troy Khoeler was discovered dead in a washing machine hours after going missing.

Texas police got a report of a missing youngster named Troy Khoeler on Thursday, July 28, 2022. A few hours later, the youngster’s body was discovered inside his home’s top-load washing machine.

Police have not yet determined if Troy was murdered or the possible reasons for such an act. Investigations continue to be conducted.

Troy Khoeler, aged 7, resided in Harris County, Texas, with his anonymous foster parents. The couple reportedly took him in in 2019.

He was reported missing on July 28, 2022, around 5:20 AM. The foster parents were questioned by the police in accordance with customary procedure, even though no arrests have yet been made.

Troy Khoeler death

Troy Khoeler death

After speaking with the foster parents of the missing child, detectives discovered the body inside the home, according to Lt. Robert Minchew of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Unit.

“They then conducted a comprehensive investigation of the house as a result of what they had seen. A 7-year-old boy who had died was discovered inside the washing machine in the garage.”

If there was water in the washing machine or what caused Khoeler’s death, the police have declined to comment. On the question of whether the death was unintentional or deliberate, no official statement has been made. Authorities have not yet made public any information about any outward indications of trauma or wrongdoing.

He had a little afro hairstyle and was last seen with blue pants and a shirt on.

Minchew declared:

“We’re just so far away from knowing whether he was killed by the washing machine or killed and put in it that I am unable to remark. Although we don’t know exactly what happened, we want to find out.”

Precinct 4 constable Mark Herman used social media to tell others about the missing youngster after police were summoned to the Texas home as a result of the missing persons report. He outlined how Khoeler was:

“He has a little afro hair style and was last seen wearing a blue shirt and pants.”

The abrupt death of the toddler has startled the entire neighborhood and sparked debate about Troy Khoeler’s death’s secrecy. A neighbor named Rudy Chupa remarked that he frequently saw the seven-year-old playing in the area.

“It’s terrible, I mean, I don’t know how my great-grandchildren are handling it. Nobody should experience it. Wow.”

The brutal murder of three children by their own mother in Connecticut on July 27th stunned the entire country. Police sources state that Sonia Loja strangled her young children before killing herself. The three missing children’s and their mother’s bodies were found earlier this month in Minnesota’s Lake Vadnais by police. Sheriff of Ramsey County Bob Fletcher thought the kids’ drownings were deliberate.

The current spike in violence against young children included Khoeler’s killing. To ascertain the reason for his demise, a criminal inquiry is being conducted.

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