A fresh development in the bullying incident involving Kim Garam

A fresh development in the bullying incident involving Kim Garam

A fresh development in the bullying incident involving Kim Garam

The story of the Kim Garam bullying controversy has taken a fresh turn. Kim Garam, a former member of LE SSERAFIM, is apparently being bullied at school now.

On July 20, HYBE and Source Music made an official announcement announcing that the label had opted to end their exclusive relationship with the member of LE SSERAFIM following allegations that she bullied students at the school.

After being fired, the former K-pop star went back to school, but things didn’t exactly go well.

The conversation started on August 1 when Twitter user @oncemimosa posted a photo of Garam’s classroom desk covered with crude remarks directed towards the former LE SSERAFIM member.

It’s unclear if this is indeed her desk, but it has her name tag and is covered in obscene and hateful writing on the desk.

Even if we are unsure if that is the former idol’s desk, it is clear that she will struggle to adjust to daily life after leaving LE SSERAFIM.

According to rumors spread by K-pop fans, Kim Garam was the victim of bullying from her classmates.

K-pop fans are reconsidering their position on the recent viral case as the bullying controversy involving the former LE SSERAFIM member has taken a new turn.

Kim Garam

Kim Garam

K-pop lovers who saw the pictures posted their reactions on social media.

Some people started using the hashtags “TheTruthAboutKimGaram” and “JusticeforKimGaram” out of sympathy for the former LE SSERAFIM member.

Others, though, didn’t buy it and questioned why her supporters continued to support her to this day.

Even if she used to bully, many online commenters said that harassing her again is wrong because two wrongs do not equal a right.

On July 20, HYBE and Source Music issued a formal statement to indicate that the business had chosen to end its exclusive relationship with the former member of LE SSERAFIM who was the subject of allegations of school bullying.

They also made another brief statement in which they admitted they handled her bullying matter poorly.

Scandals cost K-pop stars a lot, both financially and psychologically. However, in some circumstances, it is the wisest choice to make.

Following Kim Garam’s departure from the group, LE SSERAFIM are rumored to be looking considerably happier, according to K-pop fans.

On May 2, 2022, they made their public debut with the publication of their debut EP, Fearless.

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