American Ninja Warrior Host Akbar GbajaBiamila Has A Happy Family Of Six With 4 Kids

American Ninja Warrior Host Akbar GbajaBiamila Has A Happy Family Of Six With 4 Kids

Former National Football League (NFL) professional American football player Akbar Gbajabiamila is now a pundit and co-host on the television program American Ninja Warrior. He is an NFL Network sports analyst and hosts The Talk on CBS.

Along with his parents, six brothers, and grandparents, Gbajabiamila was raised in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles. Former Green Bay Packers defensive end Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila is one of his siblings.

Prior to starting his professional career, he played football at San Diego State University as well. He was an undrafted free agent who was signed by the Oakland Raiders in 2003. Gbajabiamila also participated in games for the San Diego Chargers and Miami Dolphins.

Akbar GbajaBiamila

Akbar GbajaBiamila

Chrystal was Akbar’s wife, and they were wed. Their relationship started out on the football field, according to The Sun.

The two allegedly met at an Oakland Raiders game in 2004 while Akbar was participating in his first NFL team. After meeting online, Chrystal and Akbar got married in 2005. Although there aren’t many information available about their relationship, the TV personality never skips an opportunity to acknowledge his 17-year partner.

The analyst is aware that during his career, his loved ones have always supported him. Fortunately, The Talk cohost’s wife, Chrystal Gbajabiamila, has been by his side ever since his time in the NFL.

In the description of an Instagram photo commemorating Chrystal, Akbar wrote I feel fortunate seeing how you give your all to our family, our home, and our kids. I am thankful to God for all of His mercies. Being married to you and having you as our children’s mother means the world to me. Happy Mother’s Day!

Meet Akbar GbajaBiamila Four Children: His Two Sons And Two Daughters

Four children total—two girls, Saheedat and Naomi Gbajaniamila, and two sons, Elijah and Nasir—are born to GbajaBiamila and his gorgeous wife.

Because of his part in The Monarchs Whisper, Elijah is well-known. Similar to Nasir, Akbar is still a young man and has not started his profession. He once challenged my son Nasir in a video that he and his son Nasir put on Twitter with the tagline, “Challenge.”

Likewise, neither of the girls is old enough to start working. It’s possible that all of his kids are enrolled there.

Gbajabiamila claimed that his children were subjected to racial profiling on the day they moved into their new neighborhood, which is mainly made up of White people. Gbajabiamila acknowledged his discomfort with the circumstance and said he had never before had to defend racial profiling to his kids.

American Ninja Warrior Akbar GbajaBiamila Net Worth 2022

The former professional football player and co-host is thought to be worth $7 million.

He has a sound financial plan that details his long-term objectives and the procedures he must take to attain them, which enables him to acquire such a sizable quantity.

Currently, Gbajabiamila is a co-host of The Talk on CBS, a sports analyst for the NFL Network, and a commentator on American Ninja Warrior. His main source of income comes from this.

The host and his family are currently leading opulent lives.

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