Archie Battersbee’s parents, Paul and Hollie, want him to be taken off life support.

Archie Battersbee's parents, Paul and Hollie, want him to be taken off life support.

Archie Battersbee’s parents, Paul and Hollie, want him to be taken off life support.

Archie Battersbee, 12, has been referred to by doctors in the UK as “brain-dead.” After the court ruled that he should be taken off life support, his mother is fighting in court to keep her son on it.

Before going unconscious with a belt around his neck, 12-year-old Archie was supposed to fight in his first mixed martial arts match. His parents are doing everything they can to preserve their son’s life. To find out the whole tale, continue reading.

Paul Battersbee And Mum

Paul Battersbee And Mum

Details Regarding Mom Hollie Dance And Father Paul Battersbee

Parents in the UK, Paul Battersbee and Hollie Dance, are battling to keep their 12-year-old son, Archie Battersbee, on life support after a London court dismissed their request on July 25. Archie was involved in a tragic accident that left him with severe cognitive impairment.

The boy’s brain injury was so serious, according to the doctors, that he may be psychologically disabled. The family objected to the doctors’ suggestion of a mind stem demise check, which gave rise to the thought of taking the matter to a high court so that the check might be successfully carried out.

The jury determined after the case was heard in London that Archie had died on May 31, the day of his MRI scan. They added that the man’s life support might be turned off. However, Hollie and Paul did not give up their son’s life.
The parents acknowledged that their kid was still with them and voiced their optimism for his continuing recovery. Additionally, Hollie mentioned that Archie gripped her hand during a recent interview.

When Archie was six years old, his parents Hollie and Paul separated. However, Paul has been equally encouraging in the interim so that his ex-partner and son may get back to living their lives.

The couple has made a plea for help in saving the life of their 12-year-old son. To provide updates on her son’s case, Hollie has also made a website. Archie, however, cannot be healed from this illness, and many people feel that he should be allowed to die peacefully.

How did Archie Battersbee fare? His parents want to remove life support from him.

Archie Battersbee, a 12-year-old British kid, was put in a coma three months ago after sustaining a “calamitous” brain damage. Due to this, he lost a legal struggle to keep his life support from being turned off.

In accordance with court documents, Archie was found on April 7 at home with a “ligature” around his neck. On April 7, his mother, Hollie Dance, discovered her unconscious son at their Southend, Essex, residence.

It wasn’t immediately apparent what led him to this predicament, but Hollie later said she thought her son got hurt while trying the “Blackout Task,” a popular internet challenge.

Since then, the boy has been fighting for his life while in a coma. He is Hollie Dance’s third and youngest child. Before his accident, Archie was a boxer and a gymnast. He’s been described as a fighter by Hollie since he was a baby.

In the vain hope that he will awaken, his mother has been singing along to his favorite song with him. Dance told Insider that the teenage MMA aficionado is “trying to survive” and that “We are doing everything we can.”

The couple has also made an effort to utilize every available legal tool to help them win their son’s case.

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