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Babadeji Daniel “Deji” Olatunji, formerly known online as ComedyShortsGamer, is an English YouTube vlogger who is best known for his comedic content, reactions, and skits. Babadeji Daniel “Deji” Olatunji was born on December 9, 1996 (1996-12-09) [age 25]. Additionally, he is KSI’s younger brother.

Deji, who was born and spent the majority of his life in London, now resides in Peterborough with his parents. Deji first began uploading FIFA-related gameplay videos to YouTube. With his brother and father, he used to create little skits in a “parody” style, but by 2016, he had stopped uploading these kind of films. Deji began releasing music videos in 2017 and has since produced numerous “challenge” and “prank” videos. Being included in his brother KSI’s videos helped Deji get a lot of his notoriety.

Deji just purchased his own home, where he resides with his mother and father, who are frequently seen in Deji’s videos. Deji has resisted moving out and becoming independent despite requests from both his brother and parents.

Ten years ago, Deji met YouTuber Dunjahh while playing Runescape. They stayed in touch for the duration of their relationship. The couple parted ways in December 2021.

Deji boxing record

Deji, however, claims that despite going 3-0, he still loves the game and is prepared to try again in an effort to get revenge.

When assessing the future on his YouTube channel, Deji wrote, “I’m currently 0-3. “Sure, I only received seven blows, and yes, I dodged all of them, but I didn’t unleash a single punch.

I saw the counterattack, and I did indeed look sick. That’s a lousy effort, even that, is not acceptable. I know I came out as quite cool, but the real question is: what happens next? Despite having lost three times, I’m not giving up and will try again. I want to win more fights and keep boxing. That being said, I won’t stop boxing; I’ll keep doing it.

Deji Olatunji has lost three boxing matches. Deji, a YouTube star, pledged to fight till he wins after losing his third bout in a row.

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