Did Mark Hamill get fired from Jack In The Box?

Did Mark Hamill get fired from Jack In The Box?

For fast food chain Jack in the Box, Star Wars actor Mark Hamill is reportedly advertising the reintroduction of spicy chicken strips and french toast sticks, two of his favourite foods. Many people are unaware that the actor was sacked from the fast food restaurant almost 50 years ago.

When collecting orders in the drive-through window, Hamill tried to act like a clown, which annoyed his then-manager and led to his termination shortly after.

After learning about the incident, the franchise made the decision to send the actor back to the drive-through window for their most recent advertisement. The promotion’s caption reads:

When customers arrive at the drive-through window to pick up their orders, Hamill can be seen telling them about his experiences.

In an episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden from 2019 where he originally told his Jack in the Box tale, Mark Hamill

On a 2019 edition of The Late Late Show with James Corden, Mark Hamill and Bradley Whitford made an appearance. Whitford stated that before getting his big break in Hollywood, he waited for Hamill at a restaurant. The Child’s Play star was hailed for tipping him “like a banshee,” as well.

Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill first shared his Jack in the Box story in a 2019 episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden

He claimed to have worked in the kitchen in the past and expressed a desire to work at the drive-through window. He therefore considered making the most of the opportunity when it finally presented itself and assumed a clown voice while taking phone orders.

The management of the shop clearly didn’t like this since he dismissed the performer later that day.

Later, Mark Hamill went into further detail about the incident while speaking to Insider. The Star Wars actor revealed to the publication that he started working for the franchise when he was 18 years old and a theatrical arts major at Los Angeles City College.

The artist intended to imitate a clown while “interacting with the public.” Therefore, he made sure to perform his best clown impression when he got the chance to accept orders at the takeaway window. Added him:

Sadly, his manager asked him to quit since she thought he wasn’t serious about the job. Actor playing Batman said:

Consequently, Mark Hamill’s employment with Jack in the Box came to an end. The actor expressed his gratitude for the lessons he acquired while working and asserted that every life event helps people be ready for the future and the goals they have for themselves. Added him:

The fast food chain noticed him in a 2019 interview, which inspired them to produce the humorous advertisement three years later.

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