Din Muktar is Agent 00’s real name; how old is the YouTuber?

Din Muktar is Agent 00's real name; how old is the YouTuber?

Din Muktar is Agent 00’s real name; how old is the YouTuber?

One of the most well-known YouTubers and video gamers is Agent 00. The YouTube channel for the video gamer, CallMeAgent00, quickly became one of the most popular venues to watch NBA 2K gameplay.

He frequently took part in video game challenges, tried out fresh NBA 2K features, and gave game evaluations. His programming now has more than 1.78 million subscribers as a result.

Three months after launching his channel in January 2013 under the handle CallMeAgent00, the YouTuber posted his first Grand Theft Auto video.

Din Muktar

Din Muktar

Din Muktar is the real name of Agent 00.

Din Muktar, an agent 00, was born in Canada to Canadian parents. After creating gaming-related content, he lately gained popularity.

While making YouTube montages for pals who were also skilled gamers, he developed his expertise.

He generated his material to grow into a full-fledged, full-time content creator that uploads at least two videos each week and frequently more. He built his content on the foundation of those editing skills.

Agent 00 examines situations from the perspectives of an editor and a content lover. He has advanced his career on YouTube by taking part in the NBA 2k community.

He has worked hard for years to build a devoted following on YouTube, and he believes that when people see his progress, they will see that they, too, are capable of great things.

The YouTuber Agent 00 is how old? More Information Regarding His Age

In Canada, on April 23, 1996, Agent 00 was born. He is 26 years old right now.

Even at a very young age, he has already achieved enormous achievement.

The YouTuber goes by the handle Agent 00 Gaming and is active there. With 410K followers on Instagram under the account callmeagentzero, he also has a sizable following base. This is not a constraint on him because he also routinely tweets on his official account.

More Information Regarding His Net Worth

Three months after starting his CallMeAgent00 YouTube account in January 2013, he released content from Grand Theft Auto.

His YouTube channel currently has more than 1.78 million subscribers. He is regarded as one of the best NBA 2K20 players in the world, and he began by creating video montages for his buddies and other experienced players.

He was motivated to start recording his highlight reels and movies by how much fun they were having.

In 2022, Agent 00’s net worth is projected to be $1.5 million. The fortune of Agent 00 has greatly increased.

The channel will have more than 1.78 million subscribers in 2022, and as of the time of this writing, it has attracted more than 380 million views. Additionally, it can average 200,000 views each day from various sources.

Mint estimates that this should lead to daily ad revenue from the movies of roughly $1,000 ($365,000 yearly).

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