Eilish McColgan diet: What is Eilish McColgan’s diet?

Eilish McColgan diet: What is Eilish McColgan's diet?

Eilish McColgan is a Scottish middle- and long-distance runner. She is the reigning Commonwealth games 10000m champion, winning the title at Birmingham 2022 in a games record time of 30:48.60; a two-time European medallist after winning a silver in the 5000 metres in 2018, and a bronze for the indoor 3000 metres in 2017.

McColgan holds the European record in the 10 km road race, and British records for the 5000 m, 5 km and half marathon. She also holds European best in the 10 miles.

Eilish McColgan was born in Dundee, Scotland to Liz and Peter McColgan, both athletes. She is a member of Dundee’s Hawkhill Harriers Club and is coached by her mother, former 10,000 metres World Champion and Olympic silver medallist Liz McColgan.

She attended the High School of Dundee and studied mathematics and accountancy at the University of Dundee, graduating in 2013.

Following her mother’s second marriage, McColgan is step-daughter of long-distance runner John Nuttall and step-sister of his son, para-athlete Luke Nuttall.

Eilish McColgan diet: What is Eilish McColgan’s diet?


I’m very boring, I have the same breakfast every single morning, it’s always porridge, it’s very Scottish of me, made with milk. I’ll have berries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and a banana.


Lunch is usually quite similar most days – it will be some form of eggs on either avocado on toast or on a bagel.


We’ll try and cook everything from fresh as much as we can, plenty of vegetables and we’ll alternate between salmon and red meat or chicken, and then carb wise it will be pasta, rice, potatoes. I think my favourite pre-race meal would be something like salmon and pesto pasta or gnocchi.


After sessions I usually have a Chia Charge bar which is like a flapjack recovery bar. I’ll have things like crisps – I’ll try to keep it healthy as much as I can, but most of the time, to be honest, I’ll just buy whatever I fancy in the shop. And then definitely my guilty pleasure would be chocolate. I literally cannot live without it. I have it every single morning.

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