Larry Potash’s Professional and Personal Lives for WGN News

Larry Potash's Professional and Personal Lives for WGN News

In a Nutshell: Larry Potash’s Professional and Personal Lives for WGN News

American journalist and TV host Larry Potash is best known for hosting documentary series and presenting the Morning News on WGN TV.

He is among the most skilled and well-liked TV hosts in the country. His career as a news anchor for WGN TV officially began in 1996, marking the beginning of his success. The anchor is far more interesting in his personal life than you may think, aside from his on-screen appearance.

Larry Potash

Larry Potash

How old is WGN’s Larry Potash?

Larry is one of the oldest employees of WGN TV and is still going strong at age 55. On May 2, 1967, Larry Potash was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He earned a Bachelor of Science in mass communication and broadcast journalism from Boston’s Emerson College.

Famous news anchor and reporter Larry Potash has garnered 14 Emmy nominations. His job as a news anchor for WGN TV’s Morning News Show is what made him most well-known. In August 1994, Potash joined WGN as a news anchor.

A year after being hired, he began hosting the Morning News show. Later, in 1996, he traveled to Asia to shoot Larry’s World, a multi-series daily feature. In the documentary series, he covered a range of news items, entertained the audience, and shared fascinating tidbits about Hong Kongers’ pop culture and their integration into China.

Lisa Potash and Larry Potash have two children together.

Larry Potash and Lisa exchanged vows in 2000. At their residence in Machachutates, they are raising their two kids, Kaylin and Mallory. Lisa is a professional psychologist with 20 years of forensic experience who is licensed in the United States. He is incredibly private, although he has given the media a lot of information about his home life and family. In interviews, he conducts himself extremely professionally and sticks to the main subject.

In his whole career, Larry has won 14 Emmy Awards for being among the finest in his area. In addition, the Illinois Broadcasters Association gave Larry eleven Silver Dome Awards for being the best anchor in Chicago. Backstory with Larry Potash was also recognized for excellence in documentary programming with Silver Dome Awards in 2019 and 2020.

Larry Potash’s Salary And Net Worth In 2022

Prior to joining WGN-TV, Larry worked as a political reporter and weekend anchor at KOTV-TV in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He previously held the position of morning anchor at Evansville, Indiana’s WFIE-TV. Larry’s World, his daily segment for WGN, focuses on the quirky, entertaining, and perhaps less well-known facts that underlie various pop cultural phenomena and television news-making.

He has made a name for himself as one of the nation’s most successful anchors. He has earned the respect of the business, which has also rewarded him with a sizable income. But neither Larry nor WGN have spoken about the compensation he received for his work for the organization. His estimated net worth is $2 million, and WGN TV pays him a salary ranging from $40,000 to $110,000 annually.

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