Meet Evathefreakindiva Parents Doug Benefield And Renee Benefield, What Happened To Her Father? Murder Case Details

Meet Evathefreakindiva Parents Doug Benefield And Renee Benefield, What Happened To Her Father? Murder Case Details

With more than 200k followers and 13.6 million likes on her TikTok videos, Evathefreakindiva is a sensation on the app. A well-known digital content producer known for her amusing and timely works is Evathefreakindiva.

Eva Benefield is the real name of the popular TikTok user Evathefreakindiva. Due to the murder investigation involving her father, she is trending online.

She has gone through a lot since her parents passed away, yet she has persevered and continued living her life.

Eva has produced stuff that has provided insider information regarding her father’s past.

Due to her success with the application, Evathefrekindiva is already well-known in her own right; but, her parents’ tale is currently the focus of a lot of media interest.

Evathefreakindiva step mother Ashley Byers and her father

Evathefreakindiva step mother Ashley Byers and her father

What Happened To Evathefreakindiva Parents?

Renee Benefield is Evathefreakindiva’s mother, and Doug Benefield is her father.

Eva’s mother passed away when she was 15 years old; she found out about it when she got home from school. Her father was out of town at the time.

Doug had promised his daughter a number of things, among them that he would look after her and never get married. Doug, however, wed former ballerina Ashley Benefield nine months after making these commitments.

Thirteen days following the meeting, Eva’s father wed Ashley. The wedding of his father was unknown to Evathefreakindiva. After their wedding, she finally learned the truth.

On her TikTok account, she tweeted about the story her father had told her about Ashley. In answer to questions from her followers, she has written numerous posts about her life.

Evathefreakindiva Father Murder By Her StepMother

In September 2020, Evathefreakindiva’s stepmother Ashley Benefield shot and killed her father. Following her arrest, she was charged with murder in relation to the fatal videotaping of her ex-husband.

Although Ashley claimed that he had attacked her before she shot him, further inquiry revealed no evidence of this. Ashley was living with her mother because they weren’t together anymore. There were just two people in her house when the shooting occurred.

She fired four shots at Doug with a handgun that was 45 caliber. Two of the bullets hit Doug, while the other two were found in the wall.

He might not have faced Ashley when she started shooting, according to the investigation. She claimed to have been physically abused, but other than a slight cut, there was no sign of a struggle.

About two years ago, Ashley discovered she was pregnant and reported her husband for domestic abuse. Even her attempt to get an injunction blocking Doug from seeing their daughter was turned down by the judge.

Ashley was forced to allow Doug to see his daughter when the judge gave him permission to do so. Doug received three blows: one to the chest, one to the right arm, and one to the knee.

Where Is Evathefreakindiva?

Popular Tiktok user Evathefreakindiva just started a T-shirt company called Ghost Cowboy. She has said that she uses her platform as a form of therapy and that sharing her experiences with the public helps her mental health.

Age 17
Nationality American
TikTok @evathefreakindiva

Online recognition for the TikTok user Evathefreakindiva has recently increased. She has achieved some notoriety on the social media platform TikTok as a result of the investigation into the death of her father, Doug Benefield.

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