Meet Jace, Jenelle Lauren Evans’ son

Meet Jace, Jenelle Lauren Evans' son

Jace is the oldest son of Jenelle Evans. He was born in 2009 when Jenelle was 17. As at now, Jace is 13 years old.

Jenelle Evans born on December 19, 1991 was an incoming high school senior who lives in Oak Island, North Carolina. The father of Jenelle’s child is her boyfriend, Andrew Lewis, who she later ended the relationship with because he got arrested.

On August 2nd 2009, Jenelle gave birth to Jace Vahn Evans. Even after giving birth, partying ways, leaving her mother to take care of Jace.

The rest of Jenelle’s episode focused on her continued partying and her reliance on her mother, Barbara. She agreed to focus more on spending time with her son but asked her for mother’s help as she never felt capable of caring for him alone.Jenelle signs over custody of Jace to her mother Barbara.

Jenelle continues to reconcile the responsibilities of motherhood with her love of partying. With her son Jace’s father, Adrew, not around. Jenelle relies heavily on her mother, Barbara, to take care of Jace.

Jenelle and her mother have an explosive relationship which is amplified by the fact that Barbara has custody of Jace. Jenelle struggles to prove herself as a mother and a responsible adult but her partying habit tend to creep up on her.

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