Recaps and Explains the Ending of American Horror Stories Season 2 Episode 2 

Recaps and Explains the Ending of American Horror Stories Season 2 Episode 2 

 Recaps and Explains the Ending of American Horror Stories Season 2 Episode 2 

“American Horror Stories” is a spin-off of “American Horror Story” that airs on FX on Hulu. It takes place in the same world as the original show. The format is the main difference between the two shows. In the original show, each season tells one story. In the spin-off, each episode tells a different story. The first episode of the second season links the show to the third season of the first show, “Coven.” The second episode of season 2 is called “Aura,” and it stands on its own. The title of the episode refers to a smart doorbell that the main character, Jaslyn (Gabourey Sidibe), wants to install even though her skeptical husband doesn’t want to. Soon, her past comes back to show her that she was right. Here is everything you need to know about the end of the second episode of season 2 of “American Horror Stories.”

American Horror Story

American Horror Story

Recap of Episode 2 of Season 2 of American Horror Stories

At the start of the episode, Jaslyn is watching an infomercial for Aura. Just like most infomercials, it scares her before telling her how to fix a problem she didn’t even know she had until just now. Jaslyn wants it for her own home, but at $200, it could ruin what her husband Bryce (Max Greenfield) keeps saying is the plan. She is finally persuaded by an older customer who tells her that the present is much more dangerous than the good old days. This makes her even more paranoid.

It turns out that Jaslyn’s fear of home invasion comes from a bad experience she had in the past. She and Bryce just moved to a neighborhood with gates, where they should feel safe. Still, Aura is put on the door, and Bryce even pretends to be a home invader to see if it works.

Bryce seems to be a middle manager at a company, while Jaslyn runs an online jewelry store. Bryce leaves for a meeting with his department in the evening, leaving Jaslyn alone at home. Suddenly, a strange man comes to her door, calls out her name, and asks to come in. Jaslyn calls the police because she is scared. But when the police come and Bryce goes home, there is no one there. Aura’s camera didn’t catch anything, and neither did a neighbor’s CCTV camera.

When the man comes back, Bryce will be home. Again, the camera from their neighbor shows that no one is there. Bryce doesn’t find anyone when he goes outside with a fireplace poker. Bryce comes to the conclusion that someone broke into their Wi-Fi network. Later, Jaslyn finds out that she does know the man. He is Dayle Hendricks, the school’s custodian. She remembers that she praised him just to make her friends laugh, but then he did something wrong. Before deciding to let him in the next time he shows up, Jaslyn goes to talk to his sister. It turns out that Hendricks is a ghost. He says sorry for what he did in the past, which makes Jaslyn apologize to him for being mean to him. This seems to make Hendricks feel better about himself. He breaks down and disappears.

But soon, another person, a woman this time, shows up at Bryce and Jaslyn’s door. She begs them to open the door. Since Jaslyn doesn’t know her, she figures that she must have something to do with Bryce’s past. Once again, she is right.

Is Bryce dead?

Bryce is dead, yes. As was already said, Jaslyn is right that the woman has something to do with Bryce’s past. Bryce isn’t just another clueless husband like the ones we see in horror movies. Greenfield makes Bryce as stupid and annoying as possible. Because of this, Bryce’s actions pretty much give away how the story will end. Mary Jeane Burkett was killed, and Jaslyn is afraid that Bryce did it. At first, she is shown to be wrong. Mary Jeane may have died in a hit-and-run, and the driver who did it has since been caught and sentenced.

At the beginning of the episode, the narrator of the infomercial talks about all-vision ultra-sensory technology. It seems that this technology has given Aura the ability to take a picture of the dead while they are in front of the camera. Both Hendricks and Mary Jeane have this happen to them. Bryce says at first that Mary Jeane was his fiancée and that her accident happened right after he broke up with her and left her. It turns out that this is a lie. After Jaslyn lets Mary Jeane in, it turns out that she is holding a baby.

It turns out that Mary Jeane was pregnant when she died, and Bryce knew about it. Even after the accident, she was still alive. Bryce broke her neck with his shoe because she and the baby weren’t part of his plan. In the present, Bryce tries to attack Jaslyn with the fireplace poker from the past because he is afraid she will tell everyone the truth. This makes Mary Jeane use her powers to kill him. Like Hendricks, Bryce eventually falls apart.

After three months, Jaslyn moved into a building where every door has an aura. So, even though Jaslyn didn’t ask for one, the building manager put one on her door. As soon as she turns it on, Bryce is standing at the door, asking to come in so they can talk about his plan.

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