Theonecornelia TikTok Story And Drama As Husband Shot Her In The Face

Theonecornelia TikTok Story And Drama As Husband Shot Her In The Face

After being shot in the face by her husband, Michelle Fox received treatment from Theonecornelia, a spiritual healer and TikTok celebrity whose true name is Shinne.

The incident received a lot of media attention. On February 21, Fox’s husband, Mariusz Burchacki, accidentally shot her while demonstrating how to use parts from his old shotgun for his new one.

For felony second-degree assault, Burchacki was given a sentence in August that included five years of probation in addition to time already served.



TikTok Story And Drama Of Theonecornelia

The Tiktok video by @theonecornelia, which addresses domestic violence, has received a lot of attention. A facial prosthetic that the girl is wearing has been seen. She claimed that after the incident, everything became dark and she lost sight of herself.

The victim’s companion started to call 911 as soon as she saw their daughter waiting in the doorway. She pursued them so she could lead both of them to the bathroom.

She told their daughter to lock the door and wait until she called before unlocking it. After suddenly exiting the bedroom in tears and lamenting the loss of his life, her ex-husband returned.

He grabbed the gun and threw it down the hallway as she went to the bedroom to care for the infant. After they both went through a terrible ordeal, the girl now has prosthetics all over her face. She looks to be having communication issues, according to the video.

Theonecornelia Story Of Woman That Got Shot In The Face By Husband

The video of the woman who was shot in the face by her husband went viral on TikTok, garnering attention from all around the world. Michelle Fox was in and out of the hospital while residing in Van Duyn Home & Hospital following the accident.

But when they move into the brand-new addition to her parents’ Camillus house in the coming weeks, Fox and her children Maya, 6, and Malana, 1, are hoping that things will be better. Fox refers to the incident as “her accident,” and Peter Gaworecki claims that if you spoke with her nine months later, you wouldn’t suspect anything was wrong.

And he is correct. Fox, a cheerful young lady, conveyed her gratitude and hope last week on the day before Thanksgiving. She chuckles when Gaworecki mockingly refers to her as a “mall rat” and boasts about the lemon motif in her brand-new kitchen.

Fox, however, is seen in a different way due to her surgical mask, which covers her face up to her eyebrows, and the little crocheted drape that hides her tracheostomy tube.

Who Is TikTok Star Theonecornelia Aka Shinne?

@theonecornelia, a well-known TikTok user with 645.3K likes and 95.2K followers, is the owner of this account. She is a medium by the name of Shinne.

Shinne constantly discusses the experience of forgiving oneself in her blog posts and countless videos. In addition to employing orthodox medicine, they also use spiritual healers; she is a spiritual healer who occasionally performs healing rites as part of religious ceremonies without the use of drugs or other physical therapies.

Theonecornelia and Michelle Fox became friends during the recovery process, and their partnership gained notoriety for the story of the wife who was shot in the face by her husband. The TikTok star was in this area following Michelle’s shooting.

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