Was James Burk ATF Arrested? Charges And Past Crime Records And Tased By Colombian Police

After finding and reporting evidence of police misbehavior, James Burk of the ATF moved quickly.

Officers from the Columbus Police Department tased ATF Agent James Burk after he disregarded orders, and they later arrested him.

According to the lawsuit, two Columbus Police officers tased and arrested ATF special agent James Burk on July 7, 2020, while he attempted to do official duties.

Was James Burk arrested by the ATF

ATF agent James Burk was taken into custody and tasered by two police officers in Columbus, Ohio. James Burk was tased and arrested by the Columbus Police after he disregarded orders.

Burk claims that the incident took place as he was finishing a routine task. According to the lawsuit, Burk was dressed in “casual professional” attire while he reportedly looked for a forbidden shotgun.

When ATF Agent Burk refused orders to produce identification or “get on the ground,” Officer Fihe, who had arrived first, was observed pulling his handgun on him.

When Officer Winchell arrived, he drew on Agent Burk right away. Officer Joseph Fihe of Columbus brandished his taser while Agent Burk of the ATF was still only partially restrained.

Burk was subsequently tased by Officer Fihe, allowing them to finish handcuffing him and taking his firearm away. Officer Fihe took his gun and laid it on the front dash as Agent Burk continued to argue from the backseat of the police car.

The woman who initially contacted 911 to follow up on a shotgun purchase is alleged to have been unexpectedly visited by ATF agent Burk, who then requested access. Officer Fihe discussed this situation with the woman.

James Burk was arrested in 2015 on suspicion of stealing $200 worth of wine from a Kroger store in Landen, Ohio, while it was being recorded on camera.

What Charges Do Colombian Police Have Against An ATF Agent?

ATF special agent James Burk says that while performing his responsibilities, two Columbus police officers tased and detained him.

Burk allegedly made an attempt to seize an unlawfully stored weapon. Burk claims the two aimed their weapons at him, beat him up, tased him, and then handcuffed him before looking at his ID, even though he had his hands up and it was in his pocket.

The police then placed Burk in the back seat of a vehicle and held him there for approximately an hour.

James Burk was charged in 2015 by the Warren County Sheriff’s Office for stealing wine from the Landen Kroger worth more than $200.

Deputies said that in August, Burk utilized the self-checkout and paid $19 for four bottles of wine that were worth a total of $222.

What Has Happened to James Burk?

James Burk has spent the last 16 years employed by the business. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms is where he works.

Two police officers from Columbus are accused of employing excessive force on the agent who is the focus of a federal complaint. A government employee filed the complaint.

On July 7, 2021, he claimed in front of the judge that his actions were “normal.” He went to a residence in the 3300 block of Edgebrook Drive near Dublin that day in the late afternoon to steal a shotgun from a person who was not allowed to own a firearm.

Burk was claimed to have been properly dressed for the position he held by wearing business casual apparel, maintaining his credentials in his pocket, and wearing an ID card around his neck, according to the legal argument.

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