What Happened To Alex Rodda? Murder Documentary And Update On His Killer Matthew Mason

The entire of England was stunned to the center to know the insight about Alex Rodda’s horrendous passing.

Rodda was a youthful youngster of 15 years of age in December 2019, the last time everybody saw him alive. He was a straightforwardly gay youngster in secondary school.


Tragically, his transparency with respect to his sexuality turned into the purpose for his demise that year. From that point forward, tremendous public and worldwide inclusion followed with respect to his demise examination and the preliminaries of his executioner.

Where Could Alex Rodda Killer Matthew Mason Now be? Alex Rodda was killed by Mattew Mason, an individual young person who kept up with actual associations with him.

For the shocking idea of the young fellow’s homicide, Mason was at first condemned to a lifelong incarceration with at least 28 years of prison administration in mid 2021.

Be that as it may, it was subsequently decreased to 26 years in the wake of speaking to the court with respect to his young age. Bricklayer was 18 at the hour of his wrongdoing.

Subsequently, presently, 21-year-old Mason is still in jail, carrying out his life punishment. The youthful rancher is presently an indicted killer whose ongoing whereabouts stay away from public information.

The Rodda family, particularly Alex’s dad, Adam Rodda Sr., had straightforwardly shared his anxiety about Mason’s sentence decrease by the Mold Crown Court last year, per Cheshire UK.

Alex Rodda Parents And Family Are Upset With Sentence Reduction Of Mason The late Alex’s folks and the entire family had gone to the extensive and focusing on preliminaries of their child’s homicide case.

Adam Rodda Sr., his ongoing accomplice Maxine Pritchard, Alex’s mom Lisa, and senior brother Adam Jr. were all dynamic in the court, interesting to the court for Mason’s severe condemning.

Manchester Evening News wrote about each advancement of the homicide case till its last hearing.

Obviously, the Rodda family is discontent with Mason’s sentence decrease and has scrutinized the court’s choice commonly.

The Rodda family is local to Pickmere, Knutsford, and are available to the media talking about the late Alex.

In the mean time, the well-to-do Mason family has avoided associating with the media in regards to the homicide by their child.

ITV Documentary Aired Alex Rodda Murder Story In 2021 In November 2021, ITV delivered a narrative introducing the homicide instance of Alex Rodda.

The youthful fellow went to the Holmes Chapel High School and was a well known person among his companions. Bricklayer, then, at that point, 18, was a school going understudy when he and Alex met on the web.

Inside a brief time frame, they had struck up a mysterious relationship. On the homicide day, Mason had gotten Alex from outside his home and drove him to a segregated forest region outside Ashley, close to Altrincham.

There, he beat Alex to death by hitting him with a wrench multiple times. Their conflict began when Mason turned out to be evident that Alex wouldn’t stay quiet about their relationship.

Hailing from a rich rancher family, he had paid Alex more than £2,000 north of a three-week time span to prevent him from uncovering the mystery.

While Alex was open about his sexuality, Matthew needed to keep the affirmation under control. He had a sweetheart around then and needed to keep his sexuality among him and Alex.

In spite of the fact that Mason asked that he kill Aaron justifiably, the examiners got his falsehood and condemned him.

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