What Happened To Chris Wallace? Where Is He Now?

Chris Wallace is known for holding difficult and interesting interviews. He left Fox News and joined CNN in late 2021.

He asserted that he decided to leave Fox because he felt unhappy working there. Some people now think he’s leaving CNN, despite the fact that he joined the network with the aim of breaking news.

How did Chris Wallace fare?

Chris Wallace, who left Fox News after more than 18 years of service, has started streaming a new show on CNN. The opportunity to extend his contract with his former channel network was presented to him, but he declined and thought about leaving.

He officially announced on Fox News that December 12, 2021, was his last day of employment there. He stated unequivocally that he didn’t feel comfortable producing for Fox. He added it in November 2020 because he thought his tenure there had come to an end and that things would move more smoothly the following time.

He had stated that after having a great time at Fox, he was now ready for a new adventure at CNN. His show included political interviews along with debates on business, sports, and culture.

After decades of television, he proceeded by noting that he was ready to explore the realm of streaming. CNN’s worldwide anchor, Jeff Zucker, also shared his happiness about Chris’s joining the network.

Just a few months ago, he started working for the network. But recently, internet rumors of him leaving CNN have begun to circulate as a result of audience speculation. Some internet users blame Wallace for the recent sharp decrease in CNN ratings. Some even expected that he would lose his job or depart the network out of embarrassment.

What Has Happened to Chris Wallace?

Chris Wallace asserted that he was no longer at ease producing for Fox in the second half of 2021. Before joining the network, he spent 14 years working for ABC. Wallace took over for Tony Snow as Fox News Sunday’s host in 2003.

Despite his noteworthy achievements while he was working at Fox News, he claims he quit the network as staff people there started to doubt the accuracy of articles regarding the violence on January 6 and whether the 2020 election was rigged.

He learned that working there was unsustainable, so in December he declined to renew his contract as host of “Fox News Sunday” and moved to rival CNN. He claimed that he had spent the bulk of 2021 researching different companies to see which one would be the best for him. As a result, CNN is his present employer.

Chris Wallace’s Leaving CNN Rumors Addressed

For nearly 18 years, Chris Wallace covered nearly all significant political events for Fox, scoring a number of high-profile interviews with dignitaries and American officials. He was given the opportunity to speak with President Barack Obama for the first time by Fox in February 2009.

He moderated the March 3, 2016, Republican Party presidential debate on Fox News alongside Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly. Additionally, following Trump’s election victory in 2017, he spoke with the president.

However, he left the network and started working for CNN, a fierce rival. “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” is a brand-new CNN program that he has just started. CNN and HBO Max replaced CNN+, which was no longer available. The four-night schedule was then transferred to Sundays weekly. He hasn’t spoken publicly about quitting CNN yet.

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