What Has Betsy Woodruff Face Been Up To?

What Has Betsy Woodruff Face Been Up To?

Numerous individuals assume Betsy Woodruff is connected to Judy Woodruff or Bob Woodruff. Since the other Woodruffs are also journalists, comparisons are made more frequently. But there is no connection between them in any manner.

Meanwhile, Judy is the child of William Woodruff, an army commander, and Anna Lee. In addition to being the creator of the International Women’s Media Foundation and the host and managing director of PBS News Hour, Judy Woodruff has also worked for NBC, CNN, and PBS.

Judy Woodruff acknowledged in February 2018 that she and her husband have no familial ties to Betsy. Additionally, neither Besty nor Bob Woodruff is connected. They just happened to be in the same profession and had the same last name.

Details About Betsy Woodruff’s Husband Jonathan Swan, and Family Life

On September 14, 2019, Betsy Woodruff wed her long-term romance, writer Jonathan Swan from Axios.

Swan proposed to the couple on March 10, 2018, taking their relationship to the next level after dating for some time.

On September 9, 2020, she also announced the birth of her first child, Esther Jane Swan.

Her partner Jonathan is an Australian journalist working at “AXIOS Media” as a political reporter. Formerly employed by The Hill, a prominent political newspaper in Washington, he has also made guest appearances on a number of other well-known cable news networks.

When Washington Post reporter Ronald Kessler said that Swan was one of the journalists to whom Trump provides material, he got embroiled in controversy while working at Axios.

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