What is going on with Daniel Seavey? Band member of “Why Don’t We” raises concerns about safety

What is going on with Daniel Seavey? Band member of "Why Don't We" raises concerns about safety

What is going on with Daniel Seavey? Band member of “Why Don’t We” raises concerns about safety

Daniel Seavey’s home was recently broken into by a fan, which caused fans to start worrying about what happened to him. His concern about safety risks in his home heightened as an unknown individual entered the building.

Seavey, an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer, is a part of the musical group Why Don’t We. During his appearance on the 14th season of American Idol in 2015, he sang Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”

The musical group began their career on the social media site YouTube, where they currently have more than 3.90 million subscribers. Additionally, they have a big fan base that spans the entire nation, giving them millions of views on their videos.

Daniel Seavey

Daniel Seavey

What is going on with Daniel Seavey?

Daniel Seavey is alright, but while he was away, a fan broke into his home.

A woman was allegedly spotted pacing at his front door while holding flowers, according to CCTV footage obtained by TMZ. She appeared to have visited him at home.

But she presumably entered through an open window after realizing he wasn’t there. Later, the insider stated that she searched his closet and found more of his hoodie.

She then proceeded to doze off on his bed while circling the kitchen. On Thursday morning, the singer noticed a woman rummaging through his kitchen cabinets while checking his phone, at which point he called the police.

Daniel Seavey, a member of the band Why Don’t We, sparks safety concerns
“Why Don’t We,” she said as a woman entered his home. Concerns over safety plagued Daniel Seavey. The admirer stated that the tattoo on his hand inspired her to break in.

On his arm, the musician has a tattoo that depicts a person crawling into a window. According to reports seen online, the police have detained her.

They admitted her to the psych unit because they believed she was mentally unfit. The woman said she went to see him after the arrest because of the tattoo on his hand.

American singer Daniel Seavey

American vocalist Daniel Seavey is well-known and was born in Portland, Oregon. His parents were part-time writer Keri and his father Jeff, a minister at Living Water Community Church.

Tyler, Christian, and Anna were his three siblings when he was a child. Seavey went to Union High School in Camas. According to his mother, Seavey displayed his musical talent at a very young age with excellent pitching.

Then, to play music, he used to drive all the way to Portland with his father. Seavey began giving tryouts to everyone who would have him and singing at neighborhood functions.

He and Lovey James worked together to create a rendition of “Secret Love Song” in 2016, and he also uploaded covers to his YouTube channel. Later, he rose to recognition as a member of the band Why Don’t We on YouTube.

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