What is it’s actual meaning?

What is it's actual meaning?

Purple Hearts: What is it’s actual meaning?

“Purple Hearts” on Netflix is a romantic drama about a singer-to-be who marries a Marine who is about to be sent to war. They decide to get married because it will solve both of their problems. But as they get to know each other, they realize that despite their differences, they are both very caring and loving people. The way they feel about each other changes because of this.

Any movie’s title should show what it’s about. “Purple Hearts” does a great job of getting its message across to the audience by using words that cover all of the story’s parts. If you want to know what the title means and how it fits with the movie, we’ve got you covered.

Purple Heart

Purple Heart

What is the meaning of Purple Hearts?

The Purple Heart is a military award given to soldiers who are hurt or killed while serving their country. It is the oldest award that people who serve in the U.S. military can get. One of the main characters in the Netflix movie is a Marine, and the title is meant to show that he is a soldier. But it’s a lot more complicated than that.

In “Purple Hearts,” two people from very different backgrounds come together even though they have different ideas. It is the coming together of Cassie and Luke’s thoughts, feelings, and lives. Cassie’s family came to the U.S. from another country. She is a liberal who thinks that people should question authority instead of blindly following it. On her balcony, she has flags that say “Black Lives Matter” and “LGBTQ.” She doesn’t hold back when one of Luke’s friends says something racist or when someone says something bad about women. She is blue all the way through.

Luke, on the other hand, leans a little bit more to the right. Because his father was in the army, he joins as well, thinking that this will make his father proud. He believes in God and in marriage, and even though he is forced to marry Cassie, he doesn’t like the idea of getting a divorce. Cassie doesn’t believe in love, but Luke thinks that love should be the only reason people get married. Even though he might not be on the most conservative end of the scale, he is more red than blue.

Sofia Carson, who plays one of the characters, noticed this difference and thought that the color purple in the title might have something to do with mixing red and blue. “When I first saw the title, Purple Hearts, I asked Liz if it meant that a red heart and a blue heart were mixed together. She laughed and said, ‘I hadn’t thought of it that way, but that’s exactly what our story is,’” she said. Carson thought the film’s message was even more relevant now than when it came out in 2017 because of the differences in political views that divide the country on every issue and turn. “Right now, our country is so incredibly split between red and blue. This story is about how a red heart and a blue heart can come together and choose love, even though their hearts are different colors. “That has the most beautiful power to change the world,” she said.

The title means a lot more than just that Cassie and Luke love each other. It’s about getting people to put aside their differences and work together. It also makes sense when Luke’s Purple Heart is put on display next to the one his father got for being in the military. At the start of the movie, they didn’t get along, especially because of Luke’s drug problem and the expensive car he stole. In the end, though, they are able to work out their problems and get back together as a happy family.

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