Where is Robert Campbell Now? : The Murders of Rusty and Becky Porter

Where is Robert Campbell Now? : The Murders of Rusty and Becky Porter

Where is Robert Campbell Now? : The Murders of Rusty and Becky Porter

Rusty and Becky Porter were last seen at their home in Willard, Missouri, in April 2011. The next thing that happened was a desperate search, which ended when the police found their bodies. “On the Case with Paula Zahn: Trail of Betrayal” on Investigation Discovery tells the story of a scary murder-for-hire plot that was set up by a member of Rusty’s family over a few disagreements. So, if you want to learn more, we have you covered.

Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell

How Did Rusty and Becky Porter Die?

Russell Wayne “Rusty” Porter was born in Texas, but he and his family moved to Missouri when he was very young. Rusty worked to build race cars after high school because he loved cars and mechanics. The 34-year-old man got married to Rebecca “Becky” Porter in June 2010, and at the time of the incident, they were living in Willard. Becky believed in God and loved to sing and play the piano. She also liked to travel all over the world.

On April 17, 2011, when Becky talked to her daughter Jessica, she said she was hungry. So, when Jessica called her mother the next day to see how she was doing, she got no answer. She finally drove to the Porters’ house, but no one was there to answer the door. When the police arrived, they found signs of a fight, but Rusty and Becky were nowhere to be found. Then, on July 21, 2011, the couple’s bones were found in a rural area of Missouri’s Taney County. An autopsy showed that both Rusty and Becky died because they were shot in the head.

Who killed Rusty Porter and his wife Becky?

The police went to Becky’s house and saw that her phone and purse were still there. Even the keys to her car were in the car. But the air smelled like bleach, and the security cameras had been messed with. After the search ended in tragedy, the police started looking for Rusty’s uncle, Robert Campbell. Robert and his family lived next door and had trouble getting along with his nephew.

Robert didn’t like the fact that his sister gave the family farm to her son, Rusty. He also thought that Rusty was spying on him and telling the police about his whereabouts and what he was doing. As their fight got worse, they also got into a verbal fight about a month before the couple disappeared. Also, both of them had filed protection orders against the other.

Rusty said, “Robert Campbell drove by our driveway and yelled out his window, ‘Watch out, you won’t be around for long,’” but Robert said he was afraid of his nephew because he was old and had health problems. But the police couldn’t link Robert to the crime because he wasn’t even at home when the Porters went missing.

Tony, Phillip, Dusty, and Windy

The police got a break when they heard from someone in jail that Tony Friend had said he was going to kill the couple. Tony was Robert’s brother-in-law and had been in trouble with the law before. Phone records also showed that he was near the Porters’ house when the crime happened. Also, Robert and Tony were always in touch with each other before the couple went missing.

The investigation showed that more than one person was involved. Reports say that Tony’s wife, Windy, his son, Phillip, and his cousin, Dusty Hicks, were all involved in Rusty and Becky’s disappearance and deaths. Robert later said in a jailhouse confession that he had paid Tony to kill the Porters. The police got a clear picture of what happened and found out that Tony, Phillip, and Dusty broke into the Porters’ house while Windy waited in her car outside. Rusty and Becky were tied together with zip ties and put into the car against their will.

The others drove to Cedar Creek, Missouri, after Windy was dropped off. Phillip told the police that while he and Dusty were waiting in the car, Tony took the couple to a cabin while he and Dusty were still in the car. Phillip said that he had heard two shots. Later, when they decided to move the bodies, Windy and the others drove back to the spot where they were found. The government also said that Robert paid $100,000 for the killings.

What happened to Robert Campbell?

The police thought that Robert came up with the plan to kill the Porters because of his growing problems with Rusty. Robert Campbell was found guilty of second-degree murder twice in July 2016. By then, the other four had also been found guilty of different charges, depending on how involved they were and how much they helped. In September 2016, when he was 72, Robert got two life sentences right after each other. He is still locked up at the Jefferson City Correctional Center in Cole County, Missouri, according to prison records.

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