Who exactly is Carly Sophia?

Who exactly is Carly Sophia?

Carly Sophia left her previous life as a beauty writer after stumbling upon a lucrative and rather unexpected career as a ‘sex-toy-tester’ wholly by chance. The single mother of four-year-old twins, from Sydney, Australia, noticed one afternoon her skin was flushed and glowing after using a Wild Secrets vibrator she recently purchased online. Sophia took it upon herself to write an enthusiastic review about her experience, prompting thousands of readers to try the toy for themselves. The retailer took notice as her review went viral and later confirmed that Sophia’s endorsement had resulted in a 75 per cent increase in sales!

“I’d written countless articles trying to help women achieve a natural glow using products — why not suggest a different way they could have the real thing? “The busy mum-of-two was immediately signed as a brand ambassador and content creator for Wild Secrets and is now drawing a company retainer as a “tester” for them and their sister site Fantasy Lingerie. “When people ask what I do for work I’m pretty straight up about it,” she said. “I think women’s bodies and our pleasure have been stigmatized for way too long. I’m proud to be part of something that’s breaking down barriers and empowering Australians to celebrate and explore their sex lives.”


Sophia has reportedly amassed a wide variety of sex toys which she stores in a large chest of neatly categorized and labeled drawers. “I know ‘How to Build a Sex Room’ is trending right now, but I have two four-year-olds and no room so as much as I’d like beautiful shelves of dildos on display I need to be a bit more discreet,” she explained.

Sophia noted how her new line of work had its own risks, revealing that she’s experienced “sex injuries” on multiple occasions. “I spent a week in hospital with a kidney infection early this year. The doctor asked if I’d recently got a new partner and I had to confess that I’d just finished writing an article where I’d tried seven sex toys in seven days,” she said. “I have also dislocated my knee and pulled muscles in the throes of orgasm. What can I say? I’m nothing if not dedicated to my craft.”

Sophia is now regularly approached by fans who ask for sex toy suggestions, and she makes it point to offer them personalized recommendations as much as she can. “Someone who gets off on clitoral stimulation may not enjoy a penetrative toy or a g-spot massager. Some people who reach out to me have never orgasmed before at all, and I feel honored that they trust me enough to share their journey with me,” she continued. “Some women seek advice on getting their sex drive back after having a baby, and my advice is always the same: If you don’t use it, you lose it. Masturbate regularly.”

Sophia said that encouraging women to enjoy regular orgasms is something she’s truly passionate about, and insisted on starting every day with a climax. “It’s good for my mental health. Sex is like therapy for me, my mind feels so much clearer and my mood is so much more relaxed and happy once I’ve got myself off,” she added.


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