Who Is Amanda Kloots Boyfriend In 2022? Dating Status After First Husband Nick Cordero Death

Who Is Amanda Kloots Boyfriend In 2022? Dating Status After First Husband Nick Cordero Death

Native to Ohio, Amanda Kloots brings her captivating and upbeat energy to everything she does. She serves as the host of THE TALK, a program that has earned CBS a Daytime Emmy Award.

An ex-Broadway dancer and Radio City Rockette, Kloots had countless theater, film, and television appearances for more than 17 years. She was encouraged to work and teach at one of New York’s premier training centers by her love of dancing and physical fitness.

Live Your Life, which Kloots and her sister co-wrote, was published in June 2021. The book’s story details her suffering, which lasted 95 days, as well as her marriage to her late husband, Nick Cordero.

amanda kloots

amanda kloots

Amanda Kloots Boyfriend- Is She Dating Michael Allio?

After reports of her dating Michael Allio started to spread, TV personality Amanda Kloots made headlines. Online rumors about Allio being her new boyfriend and her attempts to move on began to circulate.

However, the two sparked rumors about one another in December after “The Talk” co-host uploaded a photo of herself hugging the “Bachelorette” alum, according to Page Six.

The 39-year-old artist, though, maintains that “we wouldn’t be like, taking the picture and advertising it” if they were dating.

He has a phenomenal online support system and followers all around the world who want him to succeed in life and find love once more, she told E! News.

“Amazing people that support me also want the same for me. Although we were making fun of it, neither of us were bothered by it. People urge us to be content and rediscover love. There is nothing wrong with that, therefore.”

Her Broadway Star Husband Nick Cordero Died From COVID Complications

The Broadway actor and wife of Amanda Kloots, Nick Cordero, passed away at the age of 41 from COVID-19-related complications in July 2020.

Elvis, who is now two years old, is their son. Broadway performer Cordero caught COVID-19 in the early stages of the pandemic. Kloots openly revealed his four-month battle with the virus before passing away in July 2020, notably on “CBS Mornings.”

When Elvis’ father passed away, he had just turned one.

Cordero and Kloots first met while performing in the same “Bullets over Broadway” production in New York City. He played the lead, and she was in the supporting cast.

Inside Amanda Kloots And Zach Braff Relationship

The bond between Zach Braff and Amanda Kloots is one of the most endearing in the industry.

Braff and Amanda Kloots became close friends when she was seeing Cordero. As a matter of fact, when Cordero was recovering from a coronavirus in the hospital, Kloots and Elvis slept at Braff and Florence Pugh’s guest house in Los Angeles.

The two actors collaborated in the 2014 Woody Allen musical “Bullets Over Broadway,” and her late partner was great friends with Zach Braff.

“The last thing he ever texted me was to look attentively for his wife and one-year-old child, Elvis,” Braff said after his passing.

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What Is Dancer Kloots Net Worth In 2022?

The estimated net worth of Amanda Kloots exceeds a thousand dollars. The exact size of her money is unknown, however it is believed that hosts of The Talk Show make an average salary of more than $37,000.

An ensemble member in several Broadway musicals, including Good Vibrations, Follies, Young Frankenstein, and Bullets Over Broadway, was Kloots, a former Rockettes dancer.

Kloots launched a digital fitness company in 2020 that offers her workout tutorial videos. She also made an appearance that year as a guest co-host on CBS’s The Talk.

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