Who is Colby Turner? Worcester Police Officer Arrested For Theft Because Of Age Wife And Wiki

Officer Colby Turner of the Worcester Police Division has been detained. According to the report, he allegedly sent in off-duty task slips for work that he didn’t actually perform totaling just about $45,000.

Turner’s activities on July 21 while not on duty may have been unlawful, which the police department was made keenly aware of at one point. He submitted no longer to blame pleas on Tuesday after being executed on Monday for five crimes of larceny totaling more than $1,200 and a misdemeanor charge of creating false claims for repayment.

Turner was once charged with asking for money for paintings he didn’t complete while off duty and then accepting it nevertheless. After the department became acutely aware of the allegations on July 21, the detective bureau launched an investigation.

The five local companies have been profiled at the fictional work sheets between January 1 and July 20, 2022.

Who Is He? by Colby Turner Wiki

Colby Turner has worked as a Worcester police officer on the beat for the preceding five years. After being prosecuted for seeking out and receiving payment for off-duty assignments, he gained notoriety.

The sum, according to Colby’s attorney Padraic Rafferty, has overwhelmed him. He comes from a well-respected family that values hard work and recognition, in line with the lawyer’s comment.

Five offenses are alleged against Mr. Turner, a police officer in Worecaster.

Turner is accused of asking for money for paintings he didn’t complete while off-duty and then accepting it anyhow. The cop is charged with handing out 18 time sheets that reportedly included signatures that were not readable.

Many of the people whose consent has been revealed appear to have invented names. A few of the recordings Turner submitted are in conflict with recordings made by other officers who were on duty at similar locations during the days Turner submitted them.

Colby Turner’s age: Age Details

According to the paperwork, Colby Turner will be 33 years old in 2022. The calculations indicate that he was once born in 1989, despite the fact that his exact birthdate is unclear.

Even though Mr. Turner just garnered attention for the fake case, none of his personal information may also be used against him. Even though he excited a lot of us, he has chosen to keep his identity a mystery over the interim period.

Turner’s case will most likely have a pretrial assembly on September 26. According to a spokesperson, Scott Croteau, the Worcester County District Attorney’s office decided not to pursue the case following the hearing on Tuesday in order to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

Who Is Worcester Police Officer Colby Turner’s Spouse?

An alleged spouse of Worcester police officer Coly Turner exists. On the other hand, his partner’s and his family’s specifics are no longer searchable online.

According to the department, Turner was detained on Monday at the Worcester police station. He has pleaded innocent to the charge, according to the most recent information.

According to court documents, Turner reportedly neglected to execute the tasks assigned to the officers who actually worked the shifts. Both the businesses mentioned on the slips and the police received confirmation of this.

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