Who is Guy Reffitt? Capitol rioter and militia member sentenced to 87 months in prison

Fellow Reffitt, a Texas occupant who effectively participated in the Capitol unsettling influences on January 6, got a 87-month jail term.

Fellow Reffitt, who took steps to launch House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from the legislative center structure and carried a firearm to the mob scene, partook in the turmoil effectively.


Reffitt, a 49-year-old Texas inhabitant from Wylie, is the first of very nearly 900 Capitol agitators to settle on a preliminary over a request bargain. Moreover, he got the longest sentence ever for any revolting related disobedience.

As well as lauding the security work force, Judge Friedrich additionally gave Guy Reffitt a 87-month jail term.

Who is Guy Reffitt? Legislative hall agitator and state army part condemned to 87 months in jail Reffitt has a place with the Three Percenters, a gathering on the right. The thought is established on the lie that only 3% of Americans took part in the battles for the nation’s freedom and upheaval.

Reffitt went to Washington, D.C., with one more Three Percenter part, as well as his pal Rocky Hardie, 63, of Austin, Texas, on January 6, 2021.

Reffitt was captured during the mobs utilizing a water jug to clean his eyes while wearing a blue coat over a dark cushioned or strategic style vest and a dark cap with a Go-Pro-style camera connected. Reffitt likewise had various weapons with him.

The jury viewed him to be unquestionablyblameworthy on five charges, including conveying a weapon and prompting turmoil. Reffitt is seen compromising Nancy Pelosi in one of the tapes he made of himself.

Fellow Reffitt shifted his perspective after first demanding going to preliminary as opposed to tolerating a supplication deal prior to getting a jail sentence and alluded to himself as stupid.

Reffitt agreed with her appraisal.

Reffitt was given a sentence of 87 months in jail, three years of probation, $2,000 in repayments, and required psychological wellness treatment by District Judge Friedrich.

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