Who Is He? Mariel Estevez Long Island Arrested Mineola homicide

Who Is He? Mariel Estevez Long Island Arrested Mineola homicide

Mark Small, 55,: Who Is He? Mariel Estevez Long Island Arrested Mineola homicide

According to information that appeared on Twitter, Mark Small was detained by Nassau County police as a result of the death of Mariel Estevez in Mineola.

She was discovered around 11:15 on Saturday morning in her Allure Mineola apartment on Old Country Road in Mineola. Estevez was discovered dead at the scene with multiple gunshot wounds, according to the officials. She allegedly worked in the leasing office and resided on the fifth floor, according to locals.

Police in Nassau have detained Mark Small, an Elmont resident, for the murder of Mariel Estevez, a 39-year-old resident of The Allure. He will be accused of 2nd Degree Murder and Possession of a Felony Weapon. After being shot, the victim was transported home to 140 Old Country Road in Mineola.

Mark Small, 55

Mark Small, 55

Police found Marivel Estevez, 39, shot to death in her Long Island residence. It is uncertain if the woman lived alone.

Directly across the street from the building are the Nassau County courthouse and the district attorney’s office. Residents claimed that Estevez was like the face of the building—always amiable, holding resident mixers and frequently giving tours.

She is quite nice, Eric Greenburg, a resident of the building, said. She appeared nice enough, but learning what happened was just awful. She warmed the entire building with her warmth. She planned events such as parties, intimate get-togethers, and most recently, a mac and cheese day. She was always a ray of sunshine in our building, so what happened to her was awful.

When a child’s babysitter, Janice Facey, arrived at the crime scene, she told the authorities about the murder and described the scene itself. She is next-door neighbors with me.

The building is managed by the Bozzuto Management Company, which claimed that Estevez’s family had wanted privacy. The police are still looking into the matter, and Mark will be questioned about what he did and why he treated the woman in such a horrifying way.

In order to determine Mark Small’s destiny and learn more about his motivations, there will likely be additional court appearances in the murder case. Along with her close friend and the neighbors, police are looking into Mariel Estevez and Mark’s relationship.

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