Who is Kayla Bergom? Female prison worker, 27, arrested for having sex MULTIPLE TIMES with inmate

Iowa’s Toledo A previous representative of a region prison was confined for having intercourse with a detainee. Agents in Iowa guarantee that Kayla Bergom, 27, is blamed for participating in sexual offense with an anonymous 29-year-elderly person while she was utilized at the Tama County Jail.

As per KCRG, Bergom is accused of over and again captivating in sexual direct with a detainee in the prison’s amusement yard and utility storeroom. Bergom is blamed for three counts of sexual wrongdoing, and the two participated in such way of behaving for over seven months, between September 2020 and April 2021, as per court filings.


Bergom was denounced in May in the wake of working at the prison for quite some time, as per Tama County Sheriff Dennis Kucera, who addressed The Gazette. August 12 is the date picked for her preliminary. The previous prison representative, who has kept up with her blamelessness, could spend as long as six years in jail. It is additionally obscure assuming the detainee has been delivered.

Grilling Justice, a non-benefit think tank, claims “Jail watches are not permitted to participate in sexual movement with detainees under government regulation. This is so the people who are imprisoned can’t lawfully assent. A jail official who participates in sexual movement with a prisoner might get as long as 15 years in prison.

” Following a grumbling by a region worker, the request was taken care of by the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation. After then, at that point, it was done in March. As indicated by Templeton1.org, the Tama County Jail is a little office with a most extreme limit of 30 wrongdoers carrying out brief punishments of as long as a year. The jail has clinical, clothing, and cooking offices within it, and it is said that collaborations among staff and prisoners are immediate.

Meaww recently revealed that Alabama detainee Casey White was accused in July of the homicide of his sweetheart Vicky White, a jail official, after she helped him in getting away from prison. The two took off for 11 days prior to being captured.

On April 29, Casey, 38, and the jail watch set up a thoroughly examined escape from a prison in Florence, Alabama, for what she dishonestly said was an emotional well-being assessment. From that point forward, the pair exchanged vehicles and claimed to be another person as they went through three states. Vicky White, 56, was shot dead following a police pursue in Evansville, Indiana, after the pair had been on the run for 11 days. She shot herself in the head, as per the specialists at that point. After the pursuit on May 9, Casey was arrested immediately.

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