Who Is Noh Salleh? Wife Mizz A video of Nina’s divorce appears on Reddit and Twitter.

Who Is Noh Salleh? Wife Mizz A video of Nina's divorce appears on Reddit and Twitter.

Who is Noh Salleh, exactly? Wife Mizz Reddit and Twitter have videos of Nina’s divorce.

The controversial video by Malaysian artist Noh Salleh has just been released. Because of the recent discussions, he allegedly has a tight relationship with his wife, Mizz Nina.

He was made famous by the rock group Hujan, of which Salleh was a member. In collaboration with the band, he has created six popular albums, including the singles Aku Skandal, Kotak Hati, Bunga di Telinga, Pagi Yang Gelap, Angin Kencang, and many more.

The vocalist also collaborated on a variety of solo EP projects, including Angin Kencang and Debu Bercahaya.

Watch: Noh Salleh video trends on Reddit and Twitter.

An inflammatory video that has gone viral online features the Malaysian musician Noh Salleh.

In the video, the Hujan singer can be seen kissing a woman. In this specific footage, Salleh’s identifiable face is not discernible. On the other hand, the Malaysian artist’s voice is recognized by fans as being his or hers.

The video appears to be trending on Twitter, Reddit, and among internet users, and everyone has something to say about it. Others are giving him the benefit of the doubt, while a particular group is positive that the one in it is him.

Private moments are no longer secure on the Internet. Numerous hackers have recently made private celebrity films available for cheap in an effort to tarnish them. It is not recommended to record this content or store it on digital devices.

Do Noh Salleh and Mizz Nina intend to divorce each other?

Noh Salleh’s most recent raunchy video has also sparked rumors of a divorce. As a result, there are rumors that the musician is divorcing his wife.

If the video is real, Salleh will be charged with having an extramarital affair with his wife, Mizz Nina, and who knows, things could go so bad that they wind up being divorced.

Salleh has already addressed the situation and fiercely refuted all accusations. But after reading too many critical comments on Instagram, he decided to hide the comment section.

It was recently claimed that Salleh had cheated on his wife in front of the camera. Suspicion persists since not everything in the stolen video corresponds to the Hujan vocalist.

The user claimed the Sarawakian singer cheated on Mizz Nina by using a screenshot of someone with the username @kittendusty.

Following the discovery, there were allegations that the suspect had “faked the narrative” on purpose to destroy the couple’s professional and personal lives.

Identified as Noh Salleh

Noh Salleh is a well-known singer-songwriter, musician, and record producer. He plays lead guitar for the Malaysian rock ensemble Hujan.

Salleh was born on March 15, 1985 in Kuching, Malaysia. He was born in Miri and later relocated to Kuala Lumpur.

The musician started out working as a studio assistant in Ahmad Idham’s studio. Together with the band’s guitarist, AG Coco, he founded Hujan in 2005. After its 2008 release, Hujan, the band’s debut album, sold millions of copies.

On November 6, 2010, Salleh became engaged to Malaysian artist and television personality Mizz Nina, a.k.a. Shazrina Azman. They exchanged vows in July 2011.

After 11 years of marriage, Salleh and Nina welcomed a baby boy named Musa in March 2022.

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