Who Is Paralympic Athlete & Wheelchair Racer Madison de Rozario’s Partner? Disability And Health Condition

Who Is Paralympic Athlete & Wheelchair Racer Madison de Rozario’s Partner? Disability And Health Condition

Madison de Rozario is a well known Paralympic competitor and wheelchair racer from Australia who especially surpasses center and significant distance occasions. The wheelchair racer is right now featuring for adding another triumph title added to her repertoire in the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth long distance race. De Rozario won the debut occasion of the opposition on July 30, 2022, with a triumphant season of 1 hour and 56 minutes.

Other than her expert accomplishments, Rozario stays all the rage in view of her American Paralympic sweetheart, Josh George. Two or three has been dating starting around 2015. In this article, let us go through the existence subtleties of the paralympic competitor Madison de Rozario.


Madison de Rozario’s Partner Josh George Is Also A Paralympic Athlete Rozario is dating five-time Paralympic medallist Josh George from America. The couple was in talks in 2018 on the grounds that Josh had moved to Sydney then, at that point, and was feeling the squeeze to join the Australian group.

When Josh came to Australia, Rozario had openly conceded that she couldn’t want anything more than to go along with him as Australian partners in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. Great to have a sidekick shares your way of life, yet getting Josh to turn into an Australian and join the group would be a more huge test.

Then again, Josh reconsidered about joining the Australian group. He has gone after America in all Paralympic Games over these years, so he figured addressing another nation would be unique. In 2018, he ventured out to Australia primarily to watch Madison contend in the Commonwealth Games prior to getting back to the United States to go to the Boston Marathon.

Josh takes part in rounds of class T53 rivalries that incorporate anything from runs to long distance races. He has contended in Paralympic contests starting around 2004, and from that chance to the 2020 Paralympics, he has won five decorations, including one gold, one silver, and three bronze.

Since tumbling out his window on the twelfth floor when he was four years of age, Josh has stayed deadened from the mid-chest down. At the point when George was seven years of age, he started dashing, however he didn’t treat it in a serious way until his lesser and senior years at Virginia’s Herndon High School. Ball, track and field, toxophilism, table tennis, and swimming were only a couple of the games he partook. George had practical experience in wheelchair hustling at the University of Illinois.

Madison De Rozario Suffered From Transverse Myelitis De Rozario was four years of age when, during an influenza episode, she got the intriguing fiery illness cross over myelitis. This neurological condition brought about an irritation of her spinal rope and left her deadened starting from the waist.

De Rozario’s folks were settled not to allow her condition to influence her, so the family established a climate where it was acknowledged as an unavoidable truth instead of slandered. Besides, born to a games freak family, she was constantly urged to be genuinely dynamic in spite of her condition.

Rozario attempted to conform to her new body, and keeping in mind that she attempted specific wheelchair sports to foster a vibe for them, her endeavors didn’t promptly prove to be fruitful. She participated in wheelchair b-ball and tennis contests at first. Questionable about her progress in that domain of game, she changed to wheelchair dashing in 2006.

However, nonetheless, the progress didn’t essentially build her prosperity rate. At the point when her mom saw her battling with her race seat, she recommended stopping the movement, yet De Rozario consistently persevered. After determined determination, she turned into the most youthful Australian player to take part in the 2008 Beijing Paralympic at 15 years old.

The Paralympic competitor has shown to be a savage contender at numerous esteemed games, including the 2008 Beijing, 2012 London, 2016 Rio, and 2020 Tokyo Summer Paralympics, where she procured two gold, three silver, and one bronze decoration. She brought back eleven awards from the Para Athletics Championships and three gold decorations at the Commonwealth Games.

She brought back a gold decoration in the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth long distance race yesterday. Who Are Madison de Rozario’s Parents? Madison de Rozario was born to her folks, whose name isn’t uncovered at this point, on November 24, 1993, in Perth. She is definitely not a solitary kid in her loved ones. She has three sisters.

The competitor’s dad is from Singapore, while her mom is from Australia. Rozario and her sisters were cared for by their visit at-home dad when they were youthful, as their mom was the family’s provider, so she needed to work for the basics of the family.

Rozario comes from a family drove by a lady. It should be the reason she, close by her sisters, was urged to be wildly autonomous people, and she accepts she conveyed that illustration pretty amusingly. Her family imparted in her the conviction that she can be anything and anything she wants and that she want not adjust to any normal generalizations.

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