Who Is Shark Week 2022’s Jeff Kurr?

Who Is Shark Week 2022's Jeff Kurr?

Texas-born director Jeff Kerr was born in Houston and now resides in Austin. The producer is yet to be featured on the Wikipedia page.

He served as director, executive producer, writer-editor, and underwater cinematographer for a significant third straight Sunday night Shark Week launch program.

The 58-year-old renowned natural history movie maker for The Discovery Channel has created 30 shark-related films and has participated in each year’s very famous Shark Week event since 1991. He was the producer of five of the top ten-rated Shark Week shows.

He is known for his imaginative filming methods. He has captured unseen shark activity using thermal imaging, night vision, robotic seals, towed underwater cameras, submarines, high-speed cameras, remote-controlled submersibles, and helicopters. As the first person to capture breaching great whites in ultra slow motion, he was nominated for an Emmy in 2010.

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