Who Is the Husband of Melissa Reddy? Is she wed to Sadio Mane, a football player?

Who Is the Husband of Melissa Reddy? Is she wed to Sadio Mane, a football player?

Who Is the Husband of Melissa Reddy? Is she wed to Sadio Mane, a football player?

Author and well-known sports journalist Melissa Reddy covers football for Sky Sports.

In March 2022, Reddy quit her position as The Independent’s Senior Football Correspondent to take a senior reporter position. For Sky Sports and Sky Sports News, she writes about Premier League football.

She used the strategies and techniques used by the elite team led by Liverpool FC manager Jurgen Klopp in her book. She was also a finalist for the 2021 Football Supporters’ Association Awards’ Best Writer category.

The journalist also made a point of discussing the discrimination women experience and the sexism and racism she encountered while building her profession. Reddy is an Indian-born South African, despite her South African citizenship.

Melissa Reddy

Melissa Reddy

Who Is the Husband of Melissa Reddy? Is Sadio Mane and She Married?

Melissa Reddy is currently seeing Sadio Mane, a former player for the Liverpool Football Club, albeit she does not yet have a husband.

The couple has been dating for a while, but because they both want a low-key relationship, they keep their love story quiet and out of the spotlight.

Melissa is the girlfriend of well-known footballer Mane, therefore it makes sense that she is a great fan of Liverpool FC. Her social media posts demonstrate her enthusiasm for Liverpool FC and her boyfriend’s football team.

Senegalese football player Sadio joined Bundesliga Club Bayern Munich on June 22 of this year after his former team, Liverpool, fell to Real Madrid in the Champions League final of the 2021–2022 season. This individual performs as a forward winger.

The 2021 African Cup of Nations was won by this player, who represents his country’s football team. This player has won the English Premier League championship as well as the UEFA Champions League.

Age difference between Sadio Mane and journalist Melissa Reddy

Mane, her boyfriend, was born on April 10, 1992, while Melissa Reddy, a South African journalist, was born on August 24, 1986.

Reddy will turn 36 in August of this year and will be 30 in 2022, compared to Mane. The journalist is almost six years older than the footballer Mane, so the couple’s age gap is approximately six years.

Given how deeply in love they are and how they are strengthening one another, their difference in age has not become a problem. Age is merely a number, as well, as we all know. Age is irrelevant if the couple is content together.

Fans also enjoy seeing these two together and wish them well in their relationship. Fans also want to know their love story and expect to see them get married soon.

Compared to Sadio Mane, Melissa Reddy has a higher net worth

The football player’s net worth is over $25 Million, whereas Melissa Reddy’s as a sportscaster is at $18 Million.

According to Celebrity Networth, the footballer’s earnings are projected to be over $25 million, while the journalist’s total earnings are roughly $18 million. The couple will make about $43 million in total earnings.

According to Wikipedia, the football player’s contract is for 32 million euros, with a potential increase to 41 million depending on how well the player performs.

Additionally, according to Glassdoor, a sports broadcast journalist typically earns between £35,751 and £44,930 per year. This pay does not include the cash bonus, profit sharing, stock bonus, commission sharing, or tips.

These sources indicate that the couple’s combined net worth is growing over time, making them wealthy and able to enjoy a life of luxury.

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