Who Was David Fernandez From NY? Car Accident Death

Who Was David Fernandez From NY? Car Accident Death

David Fernandez perished as a result of someone else’s ignorance because the motorist never stopped speeding down the road even though they knew it may kill children like David and Joel Adames.

For many years, Fernandez, a native of New York, had a routine existence while serving as the family barber. On August 3, 2022, David and his companion walked down West 207th Street at Sherman Avenue, and they never expected him to come home.

In specifically, Fernandez was walking in the West 207th Street neighborhood near Inwood at roughly 4 a.m. on Wednesday when Subaru struck two people after being struck by a sedan.

It is upsetting to learn how many people die each year on New York’s streets as a result of negligent drivers. Over the years, the New York City police made a lot of effort to lower traffic-related deaths and injuries, but their efforts never ended.

On West 207th Street and Sherman Avenue, one of the riskiest intersections for traffic fatalities, over 36 persons were injured, including 12 pedestrians and 2 bicycles, according to Transportation Alternatives data.

David Fernandez

David Fernandez

Who Was David Fernandez From NY?

The neighborhood’s New York City-born family barber was named David Fernandez. Due to someone’s careless driving behavior on a public street in the early morning, David lost his life. He was taken by the emergency crew to the Harlem Hospital for treatment, but he died there from his serious wounds.

David was an approachable and modest man who valued his relationships with friends and family. He was a healthy man who had never experienced any health problems in the past. He used to enjoy dancing and would frequently practice in his spare time.

Because he loved to dance, his friend used to call him David La Salsa. David appreciated the simplicity of life and led a respectable life as a regular worker. His supporters are devastated to hear that he passed away prematurely because of someone else’s ignorance.

Did David Fernandez Die In Car Accident? Death Cause

On Wednesday morning, David Fernandez was struck by Sabaru, which was traveling south on Sherman Avenue, impacted two parked cars, and perished in the collision. The medical staff did everything they could to save his life, but he passed away from his serious wounds.

Joel Adames and David were struck by the BMW car as it was traveling north on Sherman Avenue after colliding with a Subaru. Adames was taken by the medical staff in a hurry to Allen Pavilion Hospital, but he passed away there.

In order to lower traffic deaths throughout the city, New York City stated that it would install speed cameras around-the-clock. However, two days after New York City’s announcement, two pedestrians died.

David Fernandez Age Wiki And Family

At the young age of 40, David Fernandez passed away in a terrible accident. At this time, a lot of people desire to learn more about his family and wiki on the internet. However, several news websites only provide scant details about him.

No information about his family has been made public by the authorities. In the days since his death, his family has not released an official word about the reason behind it. Everyone adored him, according to his relatives, because of his kind disposition.

On behalf of the driver’s family, people have demanded that the reckless motorist face stiff penalties. Additionally, a lot of people have expressed their love and admiration for David, and we wish to use this page to give David’s family our sincere condolences.

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