Who was Jackie Walorski? Indiana GOP Representative killed in car crash

Who was Jackie Walorski? Indiana GOP Representative killed in car crash

Jackie Walorski, a 58-year-old Republican representative for the state of Indiana, and two other people were died in an automobile accident on Wednesday.

According to CBS, at around 12:30 pm, Jackie Walorski and her crew collided with another car while driving an SUV. Walorski, Emma Thomson, 28, the director of communications, and Zachary Potts, 27, the district director, also passed away. At the site, the other car’s driver also passed away.

Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the House minority, mentioned Walorski’s terrible passing in a statement.

The crash is currently being looked into by the Sheriff’s office for Eckhart County.

Jackie Walorski

Jackie Walorski

All there is to know about Jackie Walorski

After working as a television reporter for WSBT-TV and running a Christian charitable organisation in Romania for four years, Jackie Walorski entered politics in 2004. She started running for the Indiana House of Representatives after returning to the US, finally winning the seat and starting a lengthy career with the Republicans.

Walorski was known for passing rules that required voter ID checks during elections and that restricted identity theft while she was a legislator. She was also one of many Republicans that abstained from voting in 2021 to remove Donald Trump from office.

Todd Young, a senator from Indiana, posted a tweet lamenting Walorski’s passing.

According to NPR, Walorski won the Republican Primary for the 2nd Congressional District in 2022, which was her last election.

Former vice president Mike Pence praised Walorski’s memory in a statement.

President Joe Biden praised her as a committed political worker in a statement, noting that while being a Democrat, he understood this.

Dean Swihart, an educator in Penn Township, Indiana, was the husband Jackie Walorski left behind.

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