Who Were Amina and Sarah? Texas trial for murderer Yasir Said begins

Who Were Amina and Sarah? Texas trial for murderer Yasir Said begins

We would like to share some breaking news that has been uncovered by internet users with you. On Monday, August 1, Yaser Said’s capital murder trial in Dallas got underway. According to the explanation, 65 is suspected of murdering his two teenage daughters, Sarah, then 17, and Amina, then 18, in 2008, most likely as a result of their interactions with American boys. He rationalized killing his two children before dying in an Irving motel.

Amina and Sarah

The sources claim that Sarah dialed 911 just before she died, preparing the jury for what they perceived to be graphic testimony. “His father shot him as he was about to die.” She called the dispatcher after being shot nine times, according to the WFAA report. According to authorities, despite spending several years on the 10 Most Wanted list after the killings, he was ultimately captured in August 2020 in Justin, Texas, which is located just north of Fort Worth. We still have a few specifics about the news to share with you, which we will do in the paragraph that follows this one.

According to the close friends that were mentioned, Said was upset that his teenage daughters were dating. According to family members who stated their father believed the girls brought shame to the family, The Fort Worth Star-telegram reported that the girls were the victims of “honour killings.” He followed them and observed their movements everywhere they went. The debate has been replaced by this case, which is the topic of conversation in the news. We looked through our best sources to ensure that we were providing the readers with all the necessary information. Scroll down the page to read more about the news.

Trotter’s daughters allegedly became focused on them, according to Trotter, whose son Joseph dated Amina. He was accused of abusing Amina and Sarah while they were children. The claims seem to have been abandoned. Police believe the daughters were terrified of their father. Police think he became resentful and obsessed because both of the girls were dating American boys. He was propelled to behave in an unthinkable manner by the police. In relation to the news that we learned from a variety of sources, we have presented all the information we are aware of.

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