Why are fans slamming Mady McLanahan from Love Island USA Season 4? Cause explored

Why are fans slamming Mady McLanahan from Love Island USA Season 4? Cause explored

Since the start of Love Island USA Season 4, the dynamics of the couples have changed. In the most recent episode, which aired on July 31, Mady McLanahan reconnected with Andy Voyen, her first partner.

The recoupling round, in which the girls had to choose their partners, kicked off the episode. Fans lambasted Mady and brought up the incident from last week after she chose Andy.

In the first round of recoupling, Andy chose Sydney, Isaiah’s partner, instead of Mady. After Chazz disclosed that Andy and Sydney had shared a kiss prior to the recoupling round, his choice caused a lot of turmoil in the villa.

On July 31, however, Sydney and Mady ultimately decided to go with their former partners.

Mady McLanahan from Love Island USA Season 4

Mady McLanahan from Love Island USA Season 4

Fans slammed Mady for choosing Andy

Even before his antics last week, many wanted Andy to leave the villa because he has never been a fan favourite there. Mady saved him, much to the dismay of Love Island USA supporters.

Andy was paired with Courtney after Mady arrived at the villa. He wasn’t particularly interesting to the latter, especially after he admitted to being a “mamma’s boy.” He went with Mady on the initial recoupling and tried to make it work, but fans were perplexed when they saw him joking around with Sydney.

Andy chose Sydney in the second round of recoupling, shocking Mady. Over the course of the following week, he sought to make apologies with her after realising his error. Sydney chose Isaiah in the most recent recoupling round, while Mady selected Andy. Fans, however, were not pleased with Mady’s decision and criticised her on Twitter for choosing the mamma’s boy.

They argued that if she had chosen Felipe, Andy would have been fired from the show and Felipe would have been rescued.

Andy was viewed as a “walking red flag” by some Love Island USA viewers, while Andy was “not needed” in the house according to others.

Love Island USA Season 4 pairs after recoupling

The newest episode featured a recoupling round when Jeff and Bryce, two newcomers, increased the tension in the villa. When they arrived, relationship dynamics changed, particularly with Zeta and Courtney.

Zeta was seen being courted by Jeff’s provocative conduct in the previous episode, but she was also spotted kissing her ex-boyfriend Timmy. After Zeta told Timmy she missed him, fans were quite interested to learn her choice.

For those who don’t know, Zeta and Timmy were still together when Bria entered the villa. Zeta was devastated when she chose Timmy at the previous recoupling round. He even admitted that while he has feelings for both girls, Zeta is his preferred choice.

But this time, she went with Jeff, who has been paying her undivided attention ever since he joined Love Island USA Season 4. In addition to Zeta’s selection, Courtney’s choice of Bryce over Felipe stunned the audience.

Look at the couple following the most recent recoupling episode:

  • Sydney and Isaiah
  • Sereniti and Chazz
  • Deb and Jesse
  • Zeta and Jeff
  • Mady and Andy
  • Bria and Timmy
  • Courtney and Bryce

Felipe was dropped since no one ultimately chose him. Public voting lines were open for 2.5 hours following the recoupling round. For their favourite duo, they had to cast a vote.

The islanders were given an assignment in the show airing on July 31 where they would have to answer personal questions about one another to determine how compatible they were. All the couples were spotted getting to know one another before the game. Zeta became irritated with Bria and Timmy’s game as everyone was in splits over Bryce’s “broken eagle” incident.

On Tuesday, August 2, 2022, at 9:00 PM ET on Peacock, Love Island USA Season 4 will air its subsequent episode.

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