Why are fans split over Heavenly and Contessa’s fight on Married to Medicine Season 9?

Why are fans split over Heavenly and Contessa's fight on Married to Medicine Season 9?

On Sunday, July 31, 2022 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo, a brand-new episode of Married to Medicine was shown. Seven ladies are featured in the popular television show who either work in the medical industry themselves or have partners who do so. The women’s juggling of their lives and navigating of their interpersonal and professional ties provides viewers with enough drama.

This week’s intervention by Heavenly didn’t go well, and Contessa and she got into a fight as a result. After intervening, Heavenly stormed out of Contessa’s home and lost her temper.

The content of Heavenly’s YouTube channel caused a disagreement between the Married to Medicine women. Contessa, Toya, and Simone prepared an intervention for Heavenly in response to the content where she exposed specifics about the private lives of other women in an effort to increase her social media following.

Regarding the matter, supporters had differing opinions. While some people thought Heavenly only spoke about things that were already in the open, others said it wasn’t appropriate for Contessa to discuss her marital troubles on her channel.

Fans divided over Heavenly and Contessa's fight on Married toMedicine Season 9

Fans divided over Heavenly and Contessa’s fight on Married toMedicine Season 9

What happened between Heavenly and Contessa in the latest episode of Married to Medicine?

Contessa and Heavenly got into a fight over how Heavenly described Contessa’s marital problems as making her sad. The two got into a disagreement over Heavenly’s criticism of a marriage that had been going on for more than 15 years. The fight is predicted to cause more drama in the next episodes because it is only expected to get more heated this week.

The intervention for Heavenly by Contessa, Simone, and Toya on this week’s episode of Married to Medicine didn’t go as planned. The claim that Heavenly was using her YouTube channel to discuss the women’ private difficulties in order to increase her audience size made Heavenly feel deceived and hurt.

Contessa was angry that while the ladies were prepared with a comprehensive presentation for the intervention, Heavenly simply laughed at all the problems. Contessa had anticipated that Heavenly would feel regret for disparaging the women in public, so she was shocked when she didn’t.

Heavenly informed Jackie that Contessa should address her issues with her husband and not her, when Jackie sought to speak with her. She just did it since it was already widely known. Heavenly continued by claiming that it would be impossible for her and Contessa to become friends.

Fans have differing opinions about the clash between Heavenly and Contessa

The fight between Heavenly and Contessa divided the audience. Since Heavenly had only spoken about what was already known, many felt that Contessa should be humiliated by her husband’s behaviour and not her own. However, some criticised Heavenly for speaking out on Contessa’s personal life.

What else happened on this week’s episode of Married to Medicine

Married to Medicine Season 9’s hour-long episode was jam-packed with dramatic situations involving the cast.

Without the assistance of her nanny Miss Gomez, to whom Anila had earlier said an emotional goodbye, she struggled to manage her children. The family was very close to Miss Gomez, who raised the children as her own. The reality star spoke candidly about raising her children with her mother and remembered herself as a young girl.

The men quarrelled after Simone and Cecil’s Halloween party, which they held. Eugene, Toya’s spouse, was offended by a joke made by the Sajja family, which sparked a dispute between him and them. The fight is anticipated to resume next week as the show ended on a cliffhanger.

Every episode of Married to Medicine is growing more thrilling, and fans will have to keep watching to see what else this season has in store. The ladies will undoubtedly argue more, which will raise the drama for viewers. Contessa and Heavenly’s ability to reconcile or maintain their separation throughout the season will only be revealed with time.

Next Sunday on Bravo, see a brand-new episode of Married to Medicine.

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