In a move to rejuvenate the war against Boko Haram and bandits, the Nigerian Army has redeployed over 1000 of its officers to various new positions.

According to reports, 210 general were among the 1,546 officers redeployed by the Army.

Others redeployed were 450 Colonels, 309 Majors, 251 Captains and 322 Lieutenants.

According to the communication signed by Major-General GAT Ochigbano all affected officers must take over from the effective dates.

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“It is the responsibility of all formation/unit commanders whose officers are affected by this posting to implement accordingly,” the statement read.

“Officers must take over on the effective dates indicated. Formation/unit commanders are to take immediate administration action on any officer who fails to report on the effective date of posting.

“Commanders will also be held for lapses in the implementation of the directives contained therein. Please acknowledge.”

The major shakeup by the Army is coming on the hills of calls by many Nigerians for the sack of service Chiefs over the increasing insecurity in the country.