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Shatta Wale has poked fun at lawmakers in the country after their riotous behaviour in Parliament.

In a hilarious Instagram video, the Dancehall act zeroed in on the disturbance in Parliament at the inauguration of the 8th Parliament.

Shatta Wale mentioned that the scenes from the chamber of legislature proved that the fuss about his scuffle with Stonebwoy at the VGMAs was unnecessary.

He joked that until now he never knew that Ghana’s Parliament was full of superheroes like Superman, Spiderman and the likes.

The SM boss added that their behaviour is a total disgrace to the country and a dent on our democracy.

Wearing an NFL helmet, Shatta teased that his outfit is the new parliamentary gear to help them at the job which has now become a violent sport.


Shatta Wale is not the only celebrity to come out and openly condemn the disruption in parliament.

Sarkodie and Joselyn Dumas have all called parliamentarians involved in the chaos childish and brute.