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The leader of Pa2pa soldier Patapaa Amisty and his wife Liha Amisty earlier escaped in an accident.

Though details of how they got involved in the accident remains unknown but we are informed it happened around Agona Swedru.

A video of Patapaa’s damaged car was shared by his wife on her social media handle.

The video showed the damaged area of the car while Patapaa was heard in the background ranting about the whole incident.

Watch the video below:

Read some fans reaction below:

akousahbless: “Sorry ??, but we thank God nothing happened to u guys”

ab_serwa: “Awwww… We thank God for your lives. Please stay safe???”

mcqueen_luvguuds: “Eeiii my Akim people don. Start ..I Thank God for ur Life”

emy_shanty: “Thank God o”

zareenkeeton: “Be careful, it’s not easy driving on those roads”