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Patapaa’s heartbroken girlfriend, according to a new viral video on social media, is now seeing Braimah Kamako famously known as Bukom Banku.

The new video which shows Queen Peezy and the boxer getting all loved up has gotten social media pondering whether it is real or just a show-off.

Queen Peezy is obviously not over Patapaa’s decision to dump her for his German wife, Liha Miller, and is bent on doing all she can to spite him.

From the footage, Bukom Banku calls out the musician and says that if Patapaa does not like dark-skinned girls he does.

To add insult to injury, the two then exchange kisses and get lovey-dovey. Bukom Banku has been heavily criticized recently for going back to beaching his skin.

Meanwhile, Queen Peezy could care less as she mentioned that she had found her own ”obroni”(Whiteman) jabbing Patapaa for settling down with a white woman.


However, Patapaa and his newlywed wife, Liha Miller were involved in an accident days after their wedding.

The rapper and his wife escaped unscathed as videos from the incident showed their vehicle in bad shape.