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The member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram Hon. Sam George has dropped the full list of the NPP MP’s who called the Millitary into the Chamber of Parliament as reinforcement last Thursday.

During the vote to elect the new Speaker of Parliament in the early hours of Thursday January 7, hell broke lose in the main chamber of Parliament.

In the chaos, some military personnels stormed the chamber to ensure that there was peace between the majority and minority MPs. But this move rather got the minority (NDC) angry who started chanting the National Anthem and pushing the military away.

After the military had finally left the Chamber questions were asked as to who ordered the Military into the chamber since it wasn’t a smart move.

Well, Hon Sam George has revealed the behind this move saying its the fmr deputy Minister of defence.

He said: “I saw the former Minister for Defense, and Interior, walking out of the house that night. Soon minutes after they stepped out, the military came in.

I saw them myself. I called the military commander and he mentioned their names that those two members instructed them to come.

I told the commander that, what they have done is tantamount to treason and they will pay dearly for it.

I faced the military when they came, and we decided it was not right for them to be there so they left”.

He mentioned that, although the marshalls are the ones to enforce peace in the chamber, on that day they weren’t enough adding that they could have rather called on the Ghana Police as backups and not the military.