Santrinos Raphaël is a Togolese Musician that made it to the limelight and has started receiving international recognition

Childhood and early career

Young Togolese artist aged 21, Santrinos Raphaël, whose real name is HOUNOU Atassé Elpidio, native of “Belifornia” (Be district in Lomé, Togo) is passionate about music. He took his first steps in Togolese music in 2012 at St. Joseph College in Lomé, Togo.

Two years later; in 2014, building on the experiences acquired in this art, he composed his first single entitled ” Your number ” which he dressed in R&B. Caught between his studies and his love for music, he somehow managed to write a second song in January 2017 titled ” All Night ” in collaboration with Bobinobeats .

Santrinos Raphaël signs with MANSA-Groupe

Very meticulous, meticulous and decided, he goes ahead by uploading in July 2017 a new video clip ” Engagement “, which allows him to sign with the technical and professional management team named MANSA -Groupe ( M anagement A N rtistique umeric S TRATEGIC and A ssistance) as a production house. Engagement is then ranked 1st on the country’s musical FMs and made its appearance in early 2018 on the international channel Trace TV in the new Talent category.

The fiery shot by MANSA work permit Santrinos Raphael released his first album “Believe in Me” of eighteen (18) shares 27 July 2018, even when he had his diploma O license myself in Business Communication. His album propels high and it allows the winner to be ê ALLMA-Togo (All Music Awards-Togo).

Santrinos Raphael then beats the record for the most successful young Togolese artist of the year 2018 with 8 trophies, the first young singer artist to have achieved this feat in Togo. He was only 20 years old at the time. With his kindness to touch hearts and his voice with a clear timbre, he imposed himself and succeeded in becoming the artist of the moment.

The signing concert of his album on September 22, 2018 at the Palais des Congrès in Lomé only confirmed his supremacy as the new king of Togolese R&B. The young artist only one year after his revelation to the public succeeded in filling the largest performance hall in Togo. 

But long before the Palais des Congrès, Santrinos Raphaël moved stages like Moov Summer Time to Dance, the Ateba festival, and also performed at the dinner for the premiere of the actor’s film.

Hollywood player Djimon HOUNSSOU at the hotel February 2 with his title Engagement . Santrinos Raphaël thus conquers the hearts of all Togolese and is validated by cultural players in the country and the sub-region.

2019;  A Good Year for Santrinos Raphaël

The first half of 2019 was a personal status for the artist since he did not release a piece of his own but did collaborate with other Togolese artists and another from the diaspora named AYES .

The second half of 2019 is marked by the anniversary concert of his first album at the French Institute in Lomé, again the prodigious one once again proved that he deserved his place as king then that he won. with him more than 500 people who attended this show.

His works and allow it to be reappointed Ambassador Unbeatable á the evening of that e vénement called “Night Unbeatable” or he was already appointed ambassador in the first edition. 

Let us note that the Unbeatable trophies reward Togolese actors of all kinds who have proven their worth and their values ​​during the current year.

Santrinos Raphaël; the “Togolese Dadju”
Santrinos Raphaël

For the record, Santrinos Raphaël is a Spanish name with a special touch.

 It is made up of San which means Saint and Trinos which means Trinity. The whole makes the Holy Trinity. Raphael is his baptismal name because he has a strong attachment to God. He is also nicknamed the “Togolese Dadju”.

Messenger of Cupid, he sings of love, the joy of living and devotes a beautiful cult to woman in his songs. Thus, the rising star of Togolese R&B whose music is currently in vogue in Togo and in the sub-region intends to increase audiences by the release of his second album set for December 2019.

We wish good luck to the artist in his works!

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