Although social media is awash with a number of theories surrounding the untimely death of the Zimbabwean tycoon, however, overspeeding cannot be ruled out. Judging from the events that unfolded on a fateful day in the wee hours of Sunday, one can easily tell that the flamboyant businessman & socialite, Genius Kadungure, popularly known as Ginimbi, was actually flying when he met his fate alongside his three other friends who perished on the spot.

As the late Ginimbi’s friends, relatives, and fans continue to mourn their hero, Zimbabwean Insta hottie, Danielle, penned an emotional letter paying tribute to the fallen legend as she attached a separate video that depicts Kadungure clocking 260km per hour, further proving the deceased had a great passion for big machines & speed.

”Speed was your thing, you handled these cars, they were your toys!! So trying to spin this around my head is crazy for real G. What Could Have Possibly Happened At That Bend”, she said.

After a long night of drinking at his club as he celebrated the birthday of his friend at his club in Harare, Kadungure has been criticized for getting behind the wheels even in his death.

Watch the video below below….

Another portion of social media users went on to attack his manager for failure to provide him with a driver since he was visibly drunk.Genius who was born & bred in Domboshava village will be buried on Sartuday the 14th day of November 2020, almost a week after his demise.

Now you can watch the video below that shows the late Kadungure clocking 260 km/hour.