Shatta Wale has always received Praises for his efforts to put upcoming artists on his projects to help them tap into his popularity But whenever Sarkodie embark on such kind of projects, he does not receive the same appreciation instead it is seen as a ploy to take their shine.

Recently Shatta Wale was in Kumasi and involved the Oseikrom guys in his project.

Undoubtedly this is a way of helping the Oseikrom boys because they benefit from this more than The Dancehall Artists so yes Shatta needs that applause for his generosity.

Now let’s date it back to when Sarkodie was doing similar projects. Taking his Biibi ba song for example where he featured full squad of upcoming Rappers on it.

Isn’t it the same help he was giving this artists? Are those artists combined bigger than Sark? So which shine is he taking from them according to some entertainment Critics?.

Let’s not even talk about him signing Strongman into his record Label.

It is time we start being faire in our judgements as entertainment critics.

I understand sometimes we just want to get some artists Trolled but we have to let the public understand the facts first before the trolls in order to help push all our artists to the top. This will enable them have a free mind towards helping the upcoming ones.